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Episode 122 included conversation on:

  • Why we aren’t blogging as much (and blogs vs. social media)
  • ALA Annual Conference
  • Pecha kucha presentation style
  • …and more…

On the call were:

The recording can be downloaded here.

The 120th @tisfortraining recorded on Friday.   Download the podcast here.

We talked with Kate Kostursk and Andrea Snyder about conference behaviors and things we want everyone to know about conferences.   (However that list is in another place than I am this point.)

But I tell you what, it was a brilliant list.

Hope you are all having a happy and healthy holiday season and wish you a joyous and successful new year.

We had our last show (our 111th, by the way)  “Wishing You A Better Tomorrow” and with the show being taped the day of the Newtown, CT incident.  We discussed workplace safety and active shooter situations.  A bit of departure from our normal subject matter.

If you just follow this blog and not our twitter feed @tisfortraining you may not know that we have been producing shows pretty much every two weeks throughout the year.

I would like to thank this year’s substitute host Kate K.  who always does a fantastic job when she guest hosts the show.

You can go to our talkshoe page and see our list of calls over the fall and early winter 2012.

Our next show is scheduled for January 11th, 2013  at 2 pm eastern time.

Our next call in show after that will be on February 8th, 2013 also at 2 pm eastern time.

I will be at ALA Midwinter in Seattle and may do a live show there.  We shall see.

Contact me at baldgeekinmd at gmail dot com if you are going to be at MW and want to do a live show.

Otherwise, thank you for all of your support throughout 2012 and I hope to see , meet, talk, work with you all in 2013

Maurice Coleman
T is for Training Host and Producer.

We are live at 2 pm eastern today for your talking about training and libraries pleasure.

Join the mini mob at   and bring your smart self to the table.

See you then!


No show today, next show on August 24th…. 

When did the Bald Geek in MD turn female and pick up a New Jersey accent? 

Oh wait…that’s just guest host Kate (@librarian_kate)! 

Join Kate and Paul Signorelli (@trainersleaders) for a mostly serious conversation about technology, training with different skill levels, the trainer as trainee, and more.  Paul claims he’s not interesting and Kate claims she didn’t break Talkshoe, but we beg to differ.  

Some of the useful stuff we talk about: 

Listen here or download on iTunes. Follow @tisfortraining for tidbits etc and all our usual suspects on the left hand side for general hijinks.  

We’ll see you in August.  Feel better Maurice and enjoy your new bionic wrists! 

– Kate :) 

First THANKS TO THE incredible usual suspects that graced us with their presence at ALA.  Peter C, Paul S, MLX Kate and for a brief moment in time Julie. 

Second, there will be no T is for Training tomorrow. 

My adorable granddaughter trumps training talk this time.

The next scheduled one is July 27th but that my be out as well depending on my summer schedule for my new bionic wrists. If you want to guest host, drop me a line baldgeekinmd at gmail dot com  and we will see what we can do. 

Follow @tisfortraining for tidbits etc and @baldgeekinmd for me all of the time. 

See you round the bend……..


WE MADE IT TO 100!!!!!!!! shows.  

Join us today at 2 pm eastern for virtual cake and adult beverages and training and library talk.

Here is the link to our talkshoe space:

Hope you can come by.

Or come to our ALA taping On Monday at 4 pm in the Networking Uncommons.



Yep, we are back for another live show, number 99 or so to be exact.

On Talkshoe.

At 2 pm eastern.

Join us. 

Also we will be recording an additional 3 times this month. Two on talkshoe and once at ALA Annual on Monday at 4 pm in the networking uncommons in Anaheim. 

Be there or be a parallelogram. 

Weeeeerrrrreeeeee   baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

For one day anyway.

The library training podcast T is for Training will be on the air via the Talkshoe machine at 2 pm Eastern tomorrow April 6th.  I will be coming to you live from the home office because MPOW is closed for the Good Friday Holiday.

I am still editing the shows done at PLA (yes I said shows) and CIL.   Trust me they are worth the wait.

If anyone is going to the TxLA conference in two weeks (I am speaking Thursday afternoon, look me up!  Here is the preview I taped with the folks from TxLA ) maybe we can do a taping there on Thursday evening.    Hit me up via the twitter machine @baldgeekinmd if you want to set something up.

The next live show after that is on Friday May 18th at 2 pm. 

That is because on Star Trek Day, Friday May 4th I will be speaking at the South Eastern Idaho Library Association conference.

So to recap.  Tomorrow April 6th, THEN Friday May 18th both at 2 pm eastern time.
See you there or in Texas or Idaho.  Or on the internets.



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