T is for Training No. 1 — A new possible topic

In addition to the topics listed in the first post about the upcoming podcast ( T is for Training #1 possible topics)  there was an addition via twitter of a possible topic for the show by twitter user MegCanada:

What kinds of skills do we need to teach in library school to encourage quality training?  For the non MLS library worker listeners out there, does someone know know what skills, if any, are taught now in library school to encourage or discourage quality training.

Thanks Meg for the first show topic via Twitter.  Now if you can please comment on this post, the original post or on friendfeed/facebook.

Thank you again and see you Friday.


  1. A response to this question from FriendFeed:

    quickly … I don’t know of anything being done in my library school to teach students how to train other librarians. There is a class on instruction, but that’s for people to learn how to teach patrons/ users / students, afaik. I don’t teach it in reference 1 or 2. Maybe I should at least mention it? hmm. –


  2. I cannot believe I double booked myself on Friday! How long do you think the session will last? I may be able to come in late.

  3. About an hour. from 10 to 11 eastern

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