Talking Points for next T is for Training (3) on Friday October 10th at 2 pm Eastern

Join us Friday (October 10th) at 2 pm for the third episode of the T is for Training podcast.  You can listen live by clicking on the show’s page. You can call in, listen to the stream, or come by and chat. It is up to you, but please do come.

If you want to participate with your voice on the call, you should probably join Talkshoe before the show.  Keep up with us via: Our blog, Podcast Feed, ITunes HomeFriendfeed, LinkedIn, FaceBook, or Twitter.

You can catch up with all of the episodes  you may have missed by going to the Talkshoe either via the sidebar widget or via the web.

All of the call information is on the sidebar of the blog or here:

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 24719

The planned agenda:

Welcome/IceBreaker –  Who are you, affiliation (if you want to,) where are you from and do you blog and if so where?/Why T is for Training

Keeping an Even Keel: What do you do to stay sane and healthy when you’re training and/or traveling too much?
Background: A question posed by ff user pollyalida to the T is for Training’s Friendfeed Room (the full conversation.) Share your tips for what you do to keep your head about you when on the road or doing a lot of training.  

Do You Know what I’m Saying? How do you say what you say so that your trainees understand what you are saying?
Background: Inspired by Librarian by Day’s favoriting of a video about the power of language. Using different languages to convey the same idea. What is the role of language in training and evaluation? Is this the secret to providing training that is remembered?

Get a Grip on Assessments: How do we handle assessment in all of its forms as trainers?
Background: Inspired by this blog post by Meredith Farkas, how do we ensure that our training works?  How we create time to do not just individual workshop pre and post assessment, but big picture staff development and training assessments?

From the Back Room — A place to to talk about…stuff that comes up.


I hope you join us live or on talkshoe for the call.  See you then.  Let’s have some conversation.

Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

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