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I need help.  The next T is for Training tomorrow, Friday October 23rd at 2 pm Eastern and I have only a couple of things that might, I repeat, might be of interest.  I have been neck deep in training in Minnesota and have had zero time to read my rss feeds or blog at all and I am feeling out of the loop.

I am tapping you all: folks who listen, call, chat, read, rss feed and otherwise participate in the show that is the T is for Training to let me know some possible show ideas.  I have these from previous shows that did not get discussed as starters:

Welcome/Icebreaker/Why T is for Training

Added Agenda item: thanks Polly! — Has anyone has noticed a downturn in class registrations yet? Most of my training is sponsored by library systems or state libraries. I’ve been told that the CE budgets are the first things that people are slashing. Ouch. Beyond the personal implications for me as a self employed trainer… what will this mean for libraries, staff, staff development? More in-house training, more free webinars, what else??

Get a Grip on Assessments: How do we handle assessment in all of its forms as trainers?
Background: Inspired by this blog post by Meredith Farkas, how do we ensure that our training works?  How we create time to do not just individual workshop pre and post assessment, but big picture staff development and training assessments?

You have delivered a great training for staff forever changing your organization for the better.   But only a few employees were able to attend.  How you make sure the knowledge and information in that  training is transferred to your staff? How about new staff?  Do they just get left behind?

Are there “Top Ten Techie Trainer or Trainer Traits?” If so, what are they?  Inspired by Roy Tennant’s post on Library Journal Top Ten Techie Traits

From the Back Room — A place to to talk about…stuff that comes up.


Please let me know what you think, or if you have any additions.  And of course join us on the T is for Training call Tomorrow, Friday 23 October at 2 pm eastern/1 pm central/ noon mountain and 11 am pacific.

Links to the many things talked about on the podcast are available on the Delicious Tagged Links Page tisfortraining.

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