Coming through on the Interwebs…. Future program ideas

First, Today, Friday 24 October will host the next recording of T is for Training at 2 pm Eastern time.  Join us on the call at our TalkShoe Home:

Thanks to Polly and Jill for coming up with some future program ideas.  While I have already captured Polly’s idea for show subjects in the previous post, I wanted to highlight “Newly Minted Syracuse Library School Professor” Jill Hurst-Wahl’s suggested subject matter for the show.   These will be covered on the episode following today’s episode November 7th at 2 pm Eastern.

1) I wonder how people are approaching learning outcomes for their training sessions/workshops. How do you approach writing them? How many is too many? How do you measure your students against the learning outcomes?

2) How have people co-developed workshops/training sessions with others? Tips? Are corollary might be how do you train someone to teach your stuff?

3) I’ve heard that people seem to be waiting until the last minute to register for training. That hurts us because if people wait TOO long, the workshop will be canceled due to low registration numbers. Will organizations begin to change when they cancel workshops due to low registration?  And if they go to more webinars, etc., what does that do to the networking that often occurs during training?

Great ideas and I am looking forward to talking about them.

If you some future program ideas, please feel free to add them to this post, or let us know via Friendfeed or other means of communication.  Thanks.

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