On the Next Episode of T is for Training….. (This Friday at 2 pm)

We will discuss:

Welcome/IceBreaker–  Who are you, affiliation (if you want to,) where are you from and do you blog and if so where?/Why T is for Training

Stephanie Zimmerman: How other library trainers are using online tutorials/screencasts/videos etc for virtual learning – spurred by WebJunction Webminar I was in today called 24/7 Librarianship: Reaching Patrons with Digital Tutorials (archive, presentation recording (.swf))

Lori Reed (scheduled to call in): Reports from the North Carolina Master Trainer Training program and ASTD meeting in Washington DC.

Jill Hurst-Wahl: Another person, Doug Hall, who runs the Eureka Ranch I “think” believes that innovation is a process (and one that he has successfully helped companies learn and use). It would be interesting to know if his process would work with libraries.  Additional reading:  Time’s Article from on Creatology

From the Back Room — A place to to talk about…stuff that comes up.


Back up Agenda Items: from Jill Hurst-Wahl: How have people co-developed workshops/training sessions with others? Tips? Are corollary might be how do you train someone to teach your stuff? (A revisit from the last show but I think it needed more time and people.)

Are there “Top Ten Techie Trainer or Trainer Traits?” If so, what are they?  Inspired by Roy Tennant’s post on Library Journal Top Ten Techie Traits

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Two Things from Lori R.: Posts on the Library Trainer Blog

Lori Reed of PLCMC and T is for Training contributor, has two things you may be interested in on her blog Library Trainer:

First she co-wrote the cover article for American Libraries Magazine’s November 2008 issue.

She also blogged about her experience attending the North Carolina Master Trainer Training (scroll down past the post about AL Magazine.)

Congrats to Lori and thanks for blogging about the Training.  I hope that she plans to call in and let us know all about it!

Next T is for Training recording: Friday, November 21st, 2008 at 2 pm Eastern Time.

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