Episode 8: Inside The Trainer’s Studio, Part 1 is in the can!

Episode number 8  of T is for Training — Inside The Trainer’s Studio Part 1 (apologies to Bravo and the Inside the Actor’s Studio Franchise) is ready for your downloading and listening pleasure. Here is the MP3. ENJOY!

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Joining on the call:

Maurice Coleman Harford County (MD) Public Library
Jill Hurst-Wahl Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies
Beth Tribe, Howard County Public Library (MD)
and in chat:
Marianne Lenox, Huntsville Madison County Public Library (AL)
Dani Vaughn-Tucker – Misericordia University (PA)
Heron Stone

The opinions expressed by call participants are those of the participants and not necessarily those of any institution or group they represent or are associated with. And thanks to those who participated by chat.  We would love to hear your voice next time.


For the rest of the show, we got a peek  Inside the Trainer’s Studio, with Maurice playing the role of James Lipton and Jill, Beth, Marianne, Dani and Heron taking turns in the chair.

The 10 questions:

What is  your favorite word to hear in training?
What is your least favorite word in training?
What sound do you like to hear in training?
What sound do you hate to hear in training?
What other profession other than yours would  you like to attempt?
What other training would you like to do?
What other profession would you not like to do?
What type of training you do not like to do?
What things turns you on about training?
What things turn you off about training?


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See you then!

Talking Points for 2 pm Eastern 12/19/08 show

This final show for 2008  we are going to do a bit of review of 2008.  We may even look  ahead to 2009.

Year in Review:

What is you list of must haves while training?
What new topics/trainings did you or develop this year?
Your 2008 Take Aways?
Your Top Conference?
Top Conference Session?

Year Ahead:

What are you looking forward to next year?
What new technology training they expect to do in 2009?
What conference are you looking forward to attending/presenting next year?
What training you think will not be needed this coming year?

20 Questions: Would you like to be interviewed using a version of the Inside the Actor’s Studio/Proust/Vanity Fair Questions? or 8 minutes with a famous training person? Who would it be? What would you ask them? And when are you free to do it?

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