Silent in the Morning – UnVocab on Hiatus

The Uncontrolled Vocabulary (UnVocab) podcast is going on a priority readjusting hiatus.  The show’s host, Greg S.  is going to focus on his family for the time being.

While it is a sad day for those of us fellow podcasters, I suggest that you give a listen to some of the shows. Just about every week, UnVocab focused on a smorgasbord of topics directly related to libraries, library science, knowledge and information management, censorship via a very freewheeling discussion with from a wide sampling of library professionals.

I think that the title of the last (for now show) A Startlingly Poor Grasp of Basic Economics serves as a tribute to the quality and honesty of discussion often featured on the podcast. His show was the right open forum at the right time.

As the main wrangler for this show, I can say without hesitation that without UnVocab,  there would be no T is for Training.

For that and a whole bunch of other things a big THANK YOU GREG.  Thank you for giving the international library community your time and skill.  And thank every guest on your show for contributing to your show and for inspiring the free flowing nature of T is for Training.

I wish you luck reshaping your priorities and taking care of your family.   I will raise a freshly made margarita in honor of your choice.

I also hope that those UV shirts don’t become relics and that the show comes back in some form in the near future.

Come back Greg, come back.  (only when you are ready of course.)

Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

One thought on “Silent in the Morning – UnVocab on Hiatus”

  1. Thanks, Maurice. Really appreciate it. You know how I love a good margarita. There are only four UV shirts in circulation, so they’re already a collector’s item. Get ’em while you can.

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