T is for Training 19 : Always Promise Chaos – Mid Show Post

Here are two screen shots of what talkshoe looks like today:

Yeah, technology is stoning my house today.   I hope that the show is actually recording, since I cannot get into my own show!

First My Talkshoe page:

Picture of talkshoe bork 3

And the show page kept reloading  As in 90 times in a minute.

borked tisfor training

Real show notes later!

Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

One thought on “T is for Training 19 : Always Promise Chaos – Mid Show Post”

  1. My apologies for the horrible sound on my end. My office is full of hard surfaces and has an echo. When I’m on campus for TIFT, I’ll have to find a better location. (Or maybe just throw a blanket over my head to eliminate the echo.)

    I did miss the back channel in chat. TalkShoe was having web site and telephone problems. Do hope the call was recorded.

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