T is for Training Episode 21: What Is My Call To Action?

The twenty first hour of T is for Training is entitled What Is My Call To Action? Download and listen to our 13th  show of 2009 here. We had a nice cast of folks joining us today.

On the today’s show:

Maurice Coleman Harford County (MD) Public Library
Lori Reed, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (NC)
Jill Hurst-Wahl, Syracuse University School of Information Studies (NY)
Paul Signorelli, Paul Signorelli and Associates (CA)
Peter Bromberg, South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (NJ)
Allison Miller, Internet Public Library  (Our newest Usual Suspect. Congrats!)
Rachel Rappaport,
Howard County Public Library (MD) (Our newest Usual Suspect. Congrats!)
Matt Weaver,
Westlake Porter (OH) Public Library (WELCOME First Time Participant!)
from California (WELCOME First Time Participant!)

The opinions expressed by call participants are those of the participants and not necessarily those of any institution or group they represent or are associated with. And thanks to those who participated by chat.  We would love to hear your voice next time.

On today’s very special episode we talked about:

How to model appropriate and innovative use of technologies in libraries.

As part of the summer long conference called: “Conversants :-) A Participatory Conversation,” a new idea in professional development for challenging economic times.

Among the things we talked about:

The Internet Public Library and the Librarian Internet Index‘s combining resources; Alliance Library System putting together a Mobile Reference Service;  Q and A NJ exploring text reference; Liverpool (NY) Public Library taking advantage of Panera Bread’s wifi and going to the public;  University Libraries using Skype to provide reference inside and outside of the library;  Washington DC Public Library’s IPhone application; Char Booth’s work on library reference; San Francisco Public Library’s forms of electronic reference; Text Reference and Abilene Christian University and Georgetown Med’s Use of IPhones.

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****Register for Pres4Lib, An East Coast Library camp for speakers and trainers being held on June 12th in Princeton NJ. (We will be taping an episode at the conference!)****

Check out the June episode ofAdventures in Library Instruction, a podcast about instructional development in libraries.   One of the hosts is T is for Training usual suspect Jason Puckett.

And join us on June 19th 2009 at 2 pm Eastern Time for the next T is for Training.  I am sure that we will do some wrap up of the Pres4Lib2009 conference next Friday.

Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

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