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This interview with Cliff Landis, Technology Librarian (and futurist)  at Valdosta State (GA) University is the fourth in a series of interviews being conducted during the “2009-2010 winter break” for T is for Training.

Download the interview here:Cliff Landis T is for Training Interview.

Or go to the T is for Training Show page and have a listen to another great interview.

His bio:

Cliff Landis is Technology Librarian at Valdosta State University‘s Odum Library in Valdosta, Georgia.  Cliff is a researcher, author and speaker on the role of emerging technologies in libraries, social network sites, user-centered service, assessment, and the co-evolution of humanity and technology.  Cliff has a diverse range of interests both within and outside of the library field, which help inform his unique perspective on the future of libraries.

We talked about life/work balance, user centered services, evaluation, social networking, augmented reality and informational junk food.

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