Working Paper: A T is for Training Update

Two weeks ago tonight, I was eating dinner following a great 2.5 hour epic taping of this show at the Computers In Libraries Conference.

I thought that I would have some time in the two weeks after the conference to edit this epic show.  Alas, work, ACRL and some little grand people in my life put this editing project on the back burner.

Tonight, I am working on editing down the 2.5 hours to manageable and listenable pieces.

I also have a great interview with Jenica Rodgers (@jenica26) Director of the Libraries of SUNY Potsdam and a round table with Jenica and Marie Kennedy, Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian at Loyola Marymount University (@orgmonkey) in the can from the ACRL conference I attended on Friday.

The conversation with Jenica will help some folks who may feel stymied by their upper management, as we talk about the role of upper management and how to get them to support your work as a trainer or staff development specialist.

I promise you they are all worth the wait.   So..back to amplifying, compressing, equalizing, editing and all that jazz with the recording.

And we go live again Friday at 2 pm eastern time on the talkshoe.

Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

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