Dont miss our only LIVE CALL IN SHOW in April. April 6th, 2pm et.

Weeeeerrrrreeeeee   baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

For one day anyway.

The library training podcast T is for Training will be on the air via the Talkshoe machine at 2 pm Eastern tomorrow April 6th.  I will be coming to you live from the home office because MPOW is closed for the Good Friday Holiday.

I am still editing the shows done at PLA (yes I said shows) and CIL.   Trust me they are worth the wait.

If anyone is going to the TxLA conference in two weeks (I am speaking Thursday afternoon, look me up!  Here is the preview I taped with the folks from TxLA ) maybe we can do a taping there on Thursday evening.    Hit me up via the twitter machine @baldgeekinmd if you want to set something up.

The next live show after that is on Friday May 18th at 2 pm. 

That is because on Star Trek Day, Friday May 4th I will be speaking at the South Eastern Idaho Library Association conference.

So to recap.  Tomorrow April 6th, THEN Friday May 18th both at 2 pm eastern time.
See you there or in Texas or Idaho.  Or on the internets.


Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

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