T Is for Training the REAL Episode 102: Kate Does Not Break Things

When did the Bald Geek in MD turn female and pick up a New Jersey accent? 

Oh wait…that’s just guest host Kate (@librarian_kate)! 

Join Kate and Paul Signorelli (@trainersleaders) for a mostly serious conversation about technology, training with different skill levels, the trainer as trainee, and more.  Paul claims he’s not interesting and Kate claims she didn’t break Talkshoe, but we beg to differ.  

Some of the useful stuff we talk about: 

Listen here or download on iTunes. Follow @tisfortraining for tidbits etc and all our usual suspects on the left hand side for general hijinks.  

We’ll see you in August.  Feel better Maurice and enjoy your new bionic wrists! 

— Kate :) 

No T is for Training tomorrow. Next tenative show July 27th.2 pm eastern

First THANKS TO THE incredible usual suspects that graced us with their presence at ALA.  Peter C, Paul S, MLX Kate and for a brief moment in time Julie. 

Second, there will be no T is for Training tomorrow. 

My adorable granddaughter trumps training talk this time.

The next scheduled one is July 27th but that my be out as well depending on my summer schedule for my new bionic wrists. If you want to guest host, drop me a line baldgeekinmd at gmail dot com  and we will see what we can do. 

Follow @tisfortraining for tidbits etc and @baldgeekinmd for me all of the time. 

See you round the bend……..