The Semi-Official T is for Training Early Summer Schedule (Show Tomorrow, Friday May 30th)

So, we will have the following taping schedule for T is for Training Early Summer City o’ Sin and Sand Tour.

May 30th, 2 pm Eastern  Usual Call in Format

June 13th, 2 pm Eastern  Usual Call in Format

NO live call in show on June 27th.  There will be informal T gatherings in the City o’ Sin and Sand at ALA Annual. 

Live Taping @ ALA between 3:30 pm and 4 pm live in the Learning Uncommons.  The taping will go to about 5 pm to so that I can prepare to host the Library Games.   

Then back to the two week cycle

July 11th, 2 pm Eastern  Usual Call in format.

Got it? 

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Got it?

T is for Training 140 Coaching is Not Therapy (the 5/16 show)

Here is Kate’s filling in for Maurice again, and this week, Jill Hurst-Wahl @jill_hw ,  Paul @paulsignorelli , Stephanie @slzimm1 (welcome back to the show!)  and Katie Fearer from the State Library of Alaska talk about name changes for organizations, teaching-training-learning competencies, and the Webjunction Library CE Training Institute (that Maurice, Stephanie, and Katie are a part of), and the work they are doing.

The show is called Coaching is Not Therapy. Download the show right here

Maurice had an immoveable object called a keynote at the same time as the show.   Thanks to my good friend and drinker of large adult beverage the next time I see her Kate K!

T is For Training 139: Librarians on a Boat!

That’s not Maurice you hear at the start of the episode.

That’s not even Joseph Fink.  (A little something for you Welcome to Night Vale fans.)

It’s actually Kate (@librarian_kate) filling in for Maurice this week while he’s off doing something more fun.   Kate and Jill (@jill_hw) talk about e-books, since Jill happened to be at an event on the subject this week, the implications of e-books in training, conferencing, and then come up with a really great idea that you’ll only know about if you listen to the recording (which is right over here).

Next episode is on 16 May, where we may not come up with Really Great Ideas, but you’ll have a good time and you don’t have to worry about angering the Glow Cloud or The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home.

Have a good week and stay out of the dog park. :)