The end of summer & T is for Training’s 6th anniversary show

You might wonder, as you look at the episodes below, what happened to episode 143. With people catching up from spending time at conferences and others on vacation, episode 143 didn’t happen. Which leads us into episode 144 (2014 Intermezzo or something like that), where Maurice Coleman lets folks know that the show is not dead, but that people continue to be on vacation.  (The episode is 3 minutes long.)

In episode 145 (Do I Have Broccoli In My Teeth?), the crew discussed  personal and life-long learning networks learning styles, and Barbara Fister’s Library Journal article entitled “What PIL [Project Information Literacy] Teaches Us About Lifelong Learning.”  On the call were Maurice Coleman, Laura Botts, Paul Signorelli and Steve Thomas.

The show then took a four week hiatus, which bring us to episode 146 ( I’ll Catch Up On My Ironing), where we celebrated T is for Training’s sixth anniversay!  On the call were Maurice Coleman, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Paul Signorelli and Diane Huckabay.  Maurice began the show by talking about what the very first two shows of T is for Training talked about (and who participated).  We then jumped into a conversation about signage, directional challenges and perspectives of the learner and the teacher.

In celebration, below are photos from a few T is for Training get togethers, including when the show has been recorded with people all actually in the same room!  And if you’d like to go through the Talkshoe archive of the show, go to

T Is for Training podcast T is for Training at CIL III

T is for Training T is is for Training Crew ready for lunch

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