T is for Training 179: My job is to help you not implode

On the call were Maurice Coleman , Paul Signorelli, Courtney Young,Jill Hurst-Wahl and  mystery guest 5 from the Buffalo, NY area. The topic was the Padagogy Wheel.  What is the Padagogy Wheel?  According Allan Carrington:

The Padagogy Wheel was born out of a desire to help teachers at the coalface of teaching. I wanted a model that could be applied to everything from curriculum planning, development, writing learning objectives and designing student centered activities. Then quickly help teachers access relevant educational technology e.g. individual iPad apps or sequences of apps, to enhance those activities. Finally to help teachers use that technology to redefine activities to include tasks previously inconceivable. I believe this will increase student engagement, improve learning outcomes and empower a student towards transforming into an excellent graduate.

We also talked about using student use in the classroom.

You can listen to the recording here.


2 thoughts on “T is for Training 179: My job is to help you not implode”

  1. G’day and greetings from Adelaide South Australia. I am honoured that you talked about the Padagogy Wheel in your Ep179. Please contact me if you think I can contribute to further discussion about what I think I am safe to say has evolved into the Padagogy Wheel Learning Model. Please visit my blog to see so much more in the project. For example the First Language Project. We have translated it into 7 languages so far the latest being French 3 days ago. http://tinyurl.com/alsltblog

  2. Allan: Glad you found your way to the conversation; we obviously were quite taken by what you’re doing and walked away with plenty to incorporate into our own day-to-day work. Would love to have you join us whenever you’re available for any of our training-teaching-learning conversations.There’s a T is for Training Facebook page that generally posts topics and links a day or two before each episode if you want to know in advance what we think we’re going to be discussing.

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