T is for Training 214 : Why I Love Drinking From a Firehose

Flower ClockOn the call were Jodie Borgerding, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Paul Signorelli, and Maurice Coleman. How do we set reasonable expectations for our participants, who are our co-conspirators in learning?  We dove into talking about having too much or too little content, and some very interesting (and related) wanderings.  This episode is a lively listen!


Sometimes you need to let ideas breathe.

There’s a lot of upfront work that has to be done to make things simple for your learners.

Praise in public.  Criticize in private.

Our next T is for Training will be on Nov. 17.  Not the date change!!!!

On December 8, our topic will how do you deal with unexpected changes in our training setup?


T is for Training 213 : The Seven Dirty Words of Librarianship

mmm…T is for Training number 213 on Friday the 13th!  On the call were Paul Signorelli, Maurice Coleman, and Andrea Snyder.  The gang talked talked about George Couros’ (@gcouros)  eight characteristics of the innovator’s mindset and riffs off of that  theme, which included TTWWADI (That’s The Way We’ve Always Done It).  By the way, TTWWDI is usually not a good answer.




T is for Training schedule for remainder of 2017


Due to various holidays and the schedule of our host, Maurice, this is the T is for Training schedule for the remainder of 2017. We will be chatting and recording at 2 p.m. ET on:

  • Oct. 13
  • Oct. 27
  • Nov. 17
  • December 8th.
  • Dec. 22 (Our year-end show)

Our first show in 2018 will be on Jan. 8. We’ll then aim to record every two weeks throughout 2018.

T is for Training exists for YOU and always does better when YOU are involved.  Please consider calling-in and being part of the conversation.  The phone number for calling in is  (724) 444-7444. When prompted enter the Call ID: 24719.  If you want to join us on chat (the conversation behind the conversation), you can do that through the TalkShoe web site.  Yes, you can just participate in chat, but then you wouldn’t have the pleasure of interrupting Paul when he talks!