Update on T is for Training & July 30

Dear T is for Training friends,

You likely know that TalkShoe has given us problems this year, which has caused us to miss some of our episodes. Two weeks ago, we made a last minute move to Zoom and recorded the audio. It works, but it does create a multiple step process, which has its own hassles. We are looking into alternatives and hope to have our ducks in a row for Aug. 13.In the meantime, there will be no T on July 30.

[Image by mike krzeszak on Flickr.]


@TisForTraining 270: All That Jazz

Four people on T is for TrainingTonight Tom Haymes, Paul Signorelli, Jill Hurst-Wahl, and Maurice Coleman met and were – finally – about to record a show.  Our topic was producing results in online learning environments.  We began talked about the plans that academic institutions are making for the fall: online, high-flex (learn flex), hybrid, in-person. What will really work? Are institutions engaged in wishful thinking? Yes, we talked about technology (including Zoom), as well as things like building our own institutional tech support, embedding librarians  into classes, and more.

How do you produce results in your podcasting environment? We’ve been having technical problems with the platform we’ve been using.  (Yes, problems for a long time, but it has gotten worse.) So night we recorded on Zoom.  Maurice will transfer that recording to our podcasting platform and then it will be disseminated through the normal channels. Why am I tell you this? Because this blog post is going up before you’re able to listen to the show!