@TisForTraining 291: Bring a Thick Skin

John Cotton Dana AwardNeither beltway traffic or malfunctioning router could keep Maurice Coleman, Paul Signorelli, Diane Huckabay, Tom Haymes and Jill Hurst-Wahl from a lively T is for Training. We talked about the award Jill is receiving from the Special Libraries Association on Aug. 3 for “lifetime of achievement as well as exceptional service to SLA and the library and information profession.” This lead to a conversation on the impact of volunteering on a person’s life and career. We told stories and gave tips.  Take a listen!


Addendum (07/30/2021): In the episode, Jill mentioned Sylvia Piggott. While Sylvia spent many years of her life in Montreal, her last name was not French, so Jill should have pronounced the T’s. Sylvia and her husband were originally from Jamaica.

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