@TisFortraining 295: Add Lots of Value / I Freaked Out…

Silent Dance PartyOn this T is for Training, we were joined by Rita Bailey, Elaine Biech, and Sardek Love. They joined “usual suspects” Tom Haymes, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Paul Signorelli, Diane Huckabay, and Maurice Coleman. Rita, Elaine, Sardek, and Paul were presenters at the recent Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference & EXPO in Salt Lake City. We began with them talking about how the conference sessions were setup, which was very different than normal because of COVID protocols. How did the adapt? How did they engage people? How were they cautious? How did they experiment? Ah…and the power of grace!

You can listen to this episode on TalkShoe and on your favorite podcasting platform.

** The photo above relates to the headset story that was told in this episode.  However, what you see in that photo is a silent dance party, where people could tune into different types of music. Do you get the connection to ATD?

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