@TisForTraining 300: The Support Network

Episode 300 CrewTonight Maurice Coleman hosted the 300th episode of T is for Training with Andrea Snyder, Diane Huckabay, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Tom Haymes, Paul Signorelli, Ruben R. Puentedura and Ken Phillips.  We gave shout-outs to a number of people including Julie Strange (Get Noshy), “Hot Laptop” Boy (a.k.a., Kevin), Jane Dysart, and many others.  Great stories about seeing each other face-to-face at various conferences, doing in-person recordings, and so many other memories.  Tears were shed as we remembered the support and friendship we’ve given each other since 2008.

Grab a celebratory cookie and give episode 300 a listen!

The Crew

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