@TisForTraining 303: Culture Eats Strategy

Howard started by telling us the inspiration for the book and then dug into the neuroscience behind “making someone’s day.” (page 34)  Yes, science! And there is a boomerang effect and ripples. Wow!
How can we make everyone feel like a VIP? Howard gave us his VIP model (p. 127).  We need to observe what is happening around us, identify a need or opportunity, and act.
We spent the rest of the show telling stories and highlighting how people’s days have been made better.  Howard shared stories from the book. We shared stories – positive and negative – from our work lives. We even talked about how introverts can make someone’s day (chapter 6).  The conversation was interesting with lots of information, and uplifting.
You can listen to the show on TalkShoe of wherever you get your podcasts.

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