@TisForTraining 326: It tastes like backside and it works.

Maurice, Jill, Paul, and Tom

On this year-end episode were Maurice Coleman, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Tom Haymes, and Paul Signorelli. This is the annual episode where we talk about topics from this last year…or whatever comes to mind. We started with talking about DEI work, then moved to ChatBGT, individualized instruction, class sizes, pressure on small academic institutions, informal learning spaces, and, of course, wandered through other topics.

Looking back over the year, what stood out?

    • Jared Bendis talking about TikTok.
    • Pat Wagner, her career, and how she is changing to do what she loves (her first love).
    • Constant reminder that when confronted with change, we will go through it and become better.
    • Our changed use of Twitter and social media.
    • The shredding of networks and conversations.
    • There are no wrong moments.
    • Jared and Jill talking about copyright law.
    • Part of our job is help people reach a higher plane. All of our guest help people do that.
    • Making learning special for individual learners. Make it fresh for each person.

Our next episode will be January 12, 2023. Please join us then! For now, listen to this end-of-the-year episode on TalkShoe or wherever you get your podcasts.

@TisForTraining 325: Polishing the Chrome

Pat WagnerTonight we were again joined by Pat Wagner, who is retiring from her consulting practice at the end of the year and returning to being a poet. Knowing that, we’ve had her on several times this year. Pat’s career has been as an educator extraordinary and strategic planning consultant. When we asked her what she wants her legacy to be, she said, “People will feel braver!”

Pat talked about what makes a library to be on the cutting edge; future-proofing; strategic planning; badly designed buildings; who libraries compete with; and more.

On the show with Pat was Maurice Coleman, Jill Hurst-Wahl,  Paul Signorelli, and Tom Haymes.

 Pat’s LibraryWorks webinars:
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