First show date set: September 12th 10am Eastern.

Looks like my sample participants can all be around on September 12th at 10 eastern, so that is when I will set up the first taping.

Details to follow about how to participate, so subscribe to this blog feed to keep up with the podcast.

When the time comes, I hope you subscribe, listen and most importantly participate.

Thank you for your support.

Help create the T is for Training podcast!

Help create a podcast that speaks to you!

Inspired by Uncontrolled Vocabulary, I am starting a podcast directed at the library training community.  and I am using talkshoe because you call in on a phone and use a VOIP client.  Yeah!

So far it is called “T is for Training

I hope to bring together other training professionals who work in or with libraries together to share stories, information and some laughs.

If you are on friendfeed, there is a friendfeed room called T is for Training. Feel free to join and participate.

If you are not on friendfeed, leave your comments here and help to shape the show……

or you can use delicious to bookmark ideas by tagging them tisfortraining

Lets create something great!