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This is a whopper of a post containing stuff from a number of shows:

The first two discs is the complete and unabridged full Live at Computers In Libraries Shows broken up into two listenable parts.  T is for Training Episode 68 (CIL Pt. One) and  T is for Training Episode 69 (CIL Part 2) are ready for your enjoyment.  Thanks once again to the staff at Information Today who gave us space, technology and time.  They even put us in the program.  Squee!

Then we did a remote session at the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) conference in Philadelphia on April 1st, 2o11.  I had the pleasure of catching Jenica Rodgers for a great interview about training, library administration and management.  Have a listen  to the ACRL (Episode 70) wrap up Here and The Rogers Interview (Episode 70.5) here.

Finally we did our normal call in show on April 8th, 2011.   We next go at 2 pm eastern on April 22nd, 2011.  This show (71’s) title is That’s Why She Is The Librarian In Black. (Listen HERE)

The opinions expressed by call participants are those of the participants and not necessarily those of any institution or group they represent or are associated with. And thanks to those who participated by chat. We would love to hear your voice next time.

The band for Live at Computers In LibrariesMaurice Coleman, @baldgeekinmd Harford County (MD) Public Library,  Christa Burns, @cjburns Nebraska Library Commission, Lousie Alcorn, @weez42 West Des Moines Public Library,(Our Newest Usual Suspect!) Angela Paterek, @trainingpassion Rocky River (OH) Public Library, Dana Longley, @disobedientlib SUNY Empire State College,  Jill Hurst-Wahl, @jill_hw Syracuse (NY) University, Jennifer Koerber @jenniferkoerber Boston (MA) Public Library, First Timer: Kathy Makens, Durham County (NC) Public Library, Ellen Druda, @dblduchess Half Hollow Hills (NY) Library, First Timer: Ria Groenewald, @elecup University of Pretoria,  Michael Sauers, @msauers Nebraska Library Commission, Julie Strange, @strnglibrarian Maryland Ask Us Now (MD), First Timer: Darnice Jasper,@darnlibrarian Anne Arundel (MD) Public Library, First Timer: Robin Duckworth, Congregational Library, Beth Tribe, @mlibrarianus Howard County (MD) Library

The tunes: CIL2011, presenting, e-books, conference value, twitter people to follow and much more.

The band for The ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Show and  The Rogers Interview)Maurice Coleman, Harford County (MD) Public Library, Jenica Rogers, @jenica26 Director of Libraries, SUNY Potsdam, and Marie Kennedy, @orgmonkey Loyola Marymount University (CA).  These shows were recorded at the Philadelphia Convention Center on April 1st, 2011.

The tunes: lessons and observations at ALA  ACRL conference, and a solo “how to help your administrator understand the value of training” interview with Jenica.

The band for the “usual” show (T is for Training 71) recorded April 8th, 2011Maurice Coleman, @baldgeekinmd Harford County (MD) Public Library, Angela Paterek, @trainingpassion Rocky River (OH) Public Library, Paul Signorelli, @pailsignorelli Paul Signorelli and Associates (CA), Lori Reed, @lorireed ALA Learning, Mary Pelton, @nightmry Rocky River (OH) Public Library, and Andrea Snyder, @alsnyder02 Enoch Pratt (MD) Free Library and MD State Library Resource Center

The tunes: Consulting and the worth to the organization and what to ask and CIL2011, the reprise.

We are always thinking about: Jill’s Book and Paul and Lori’s Book

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See you then!

Two weeks ago tonight, I was eating dinner following a great 2.5 hour epic taping of this show at the Computers In Libraries Conference.

I thought that I would have some time in the two weeks after the conference to edit this epic show.  Alas, work, ACRL and some little grand people in my life put this editing project on the back burner.

Tonight, I am working on editing down the 2.5 hours to manageable and listenable pieces.

I also have a great interview with Jenica Rodgers (@jenica26) Director of the Libraries of SUNY Potsdam and a round table with Jenica and Marie Kennedy, Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian at Loyola Marymount University (@orgmonkey) in the can from the ACRL conference I attended on Friday.

The conversation with Jenica will help some folks who may feel stymied by their upper management, as we talk about the role of upper management and how to get them to support your work as a trainer or staff development specialist.

I promise you they are all worth the wait.   So..back to amplifying, compressing, equalizing, editing and all that jazz with the recording.

And we go live again Friday at 2 pm eastern time on the talkshoe.

There will be no show today due to my travel schedule and to give me some time to edit a 2 and one half hour chat with some dynamic people.  The chat took place at Computers In Libraries in DC this week.

I will be attempting to pull off a guerrilla taping at ACRL next Friday in Philadelphia.  Wish me luck.

However, if you could, if you are on twitter, could you do some #trainerff with some suggestions of folks to follow on twitter from the fields.

So join T is for Training in two weeks on April 8th for a new call in show.  Bet you we will talk about CIL amont other topics.

Where and How? : The show’s address is here: You can listen live by clicking on the show’s page. You can call in, listen to the stream, or come by and chat.

It is up to you, but please do come. If you want to participate with your voice on the call, you should probably join Talkshoe before the show. You can catch up with all of the episodes you may have missed by going to the Talkshoe either via the sidebar widget or via the web.

The plan is to talk about:    The last two weeks have been busy but let’s see what you all can bring to the show!

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