T is for Training 5 — Much Better Than Relying On Me Show Details

Episode 5 of  T is for TrainingMuch Better Than Relying On Me is ready for your downloading and listening pleasure. Here is the MP3.

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Joining on the call:

Maurice Coleman Harford County (MD) Public Library
Stephanie Zimmerman
Library System of Lancaster County (PA)
Jennifer Falkowski, Training Coordinator, Southern Maryland Regional Library System (MD)
Marianne Lenox,
Huntsville Madison County Public Library (AL)
and in chat by:

Nini Beegan,  Maryland Online Learning Coordinator, DLDS
Stacey Aldrich, Deputy Deputy State Librarian, Office of the State Librarian, California State Library
and on flickr:
Polly Farrington says hi via this picture.

The opinions expressed by call participants are those of the participants and not necessarily those of any institution or group they represent or are associated with. And thanks to those who participated by chat.  We would love to hear your voice next time.

And the Topics Discussed:

Welcome/IceBreaker–  Who are you, affiliation (if you want to,) where are you from and do you blog and if so where?/Why T is for Training

A discussion of Learning 2008 – I (along with some other folks from Maryland and California) attended the Learning 2008 conference (session topics, spreadsheet and guide) last month in Orlando.  Run by the Maise Institute, it is an intensive workshop featuring small group and plenary learning sessions taught by learning leaders from the Fortune 100, Fortune 500, non-profit and government sectors.

A topic suggested by “Newly Minted Syracuse Library School Professor” and T is for Training Contributor Jill Hurst-Wahl: How have people co-developed workshops/training sessions with others? Tips? Are corollary might be how do you train someone to teach your stuff?

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