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T is for Training is proud to announce several 2010 Movers and Shakers who participate (or are good friends) with the podcast.

They are:

Maurice Coleman (your producer)
Jason Puckett
Alison Miller
Andy Woodworth
Matt Hamilton
Steve Lawson and Josh Neff

And congrats to the 50 2010 Movers and Shakers.  You are all full of awesome!

The second  episode of 2010 aka T is for Training 38 is in the can and is called “ It’s another IThing: The IFad!

Download the episode HERE.

Today’s guests:

Maurice Coleman Harford County (MD) Public Library
Angela Paterek, Rocky River (OH) Public Library
Stephanie Zimmerman
Library System of Lancaster County (PA)
Paul Signorelli, Paul Signorelli and Associates (CA)
Marianne Lenox, Huntsville Madison County (AL) Public Library
Beth Tribe
, Howard County (MD) Public Library
Lori Reed, ALA Learning
Julie Strange
, Maryland Ask Us Now (MD)
Nancy Dowd
, New Jersey State Library (Welcome FIRST TIMER!)

The opinions expressed by call participants are those of the participants and not necessarily those of any institution or group they represent or are associated with. And thanks to those who participated by chat. We would love to hear your voice next time.

We talked about:

Apple’s Newest Toy
Obsolete Learning Technologies
Ten ways to waste your training dollars.
How to join the ALA Learning Roundtable Board of Directors.

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On Tuesday August 4th, the Louisville Free Public Library’s Main Building was at the epicenter of a major flood in downtown Lousiville.

A picture of LPFL from the Courrer-Journal
A picture of LFPL from the Courier-Journal

I mean 3 feet of water in the basement in an hour major flooding.

Original estimates of the damage were in the around $1 million dollar range. Turns out that the damage is a bit more severe (recovery photo essay.)

As in over $5 million dollar range.

The Louisville Free Public Library’s director did an interview with Library Journal about the aftermath.  The article features some incredible pictures of some of the loss.


Here is The Call To Action:

LFPL needs help and Steve Lawson aka le carping nerdboy has set up a way to help in the name of the Library Society of the World.  Very 21st century via PayPal. Take about 20 seconds and send something to LFPL.

If you are more of the paper/stamp/Supporting the US Postal Service type you can help by sending money to:

Library Society of the World Clubhouse, PO Box 7893, Colorado Springs CO 80933. Make the check payable to Steve Lawson.

If you’d rather donate to the LFPL Library Foundation directly instead of using Steve as a middle man, please do:

The Library Foundation
Attn: Flood
301 York St.
Louisville, KY 40203
(502) 574-1709

Thank you in advance for thinking of the good people of Lousiville.

This story was first broken in my corner of librarysocialnetworktrainingtechnology world by Louisville’s IT manager Greg Schwartz via his twitter and friendfeed updates.  Greg ( A stand up guy and host of the late podcast Uncontrolled Vocabulary) reassured everyone that they were no injuries but the damage was pretty severe.  In the photo essay you will can pictures of Greg watching the removal of the library’s network infrastructure damaged by the sudden flood.