T is for Training 14: How to do Defensive Training – Notes and Participants

The fourteenth hour of T is for Training is entitled How to do Defensive Training. Download or listen to our sixth show of 2009 here.

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Joining on the call:

Maurice Coleman Harford County (MD) Public Library
Stephanie Zimmerman
Library System of Lancaster County (PA)
Jill Hurst-Wahl
Syracuse University School of Information Studies (NY)
Lori Reed, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (NC)

And in chat (these are the folks I could identify) :

Marianne Lenox, Huntsville Madison County Public Library (AL)
Beth-Ann Ryan,
Delaware Division of Libraries Welcome First Timer!
Jane Tupin, Delaware Division of Libraries Welcome First Timer!
Angela Paterek, Training Manager, Rocky River Public Library (OH) Welcome First Timer!

The opinions expressed by call participants are those of the participants and not necessarily those of any institution or group they represent or are associated with. And thanks to those who participated by chat. We would love to hear your voice next time.

Today’s Topics:

How to keep your Names and Passwords Straight?

What information you wish you had as a presenter BEFORE you presented?

See you on the next episode of T is for Training on Friday March 27th at 2 pm Eastern Time.

Our Subject:  Mobile Technology and Training.

Choices: The Training Alphabet v 1.4

Thanks to the folks who thought about, considered, ignored, commented on here or on FriendFeed about the Training Alphabet.  *Julie just added something to the alphabet!*

Not suprisingly there are some letters with some multiple possibilities.  Without further adieu here are the doubles:

A is for attitude or aptitude or ability or adult learner or audience
B is for balance or beginning
C is for community or connected or comprehension or connecting or communication style
D is for devices or digital
E is for entertaining or experiment or engaging
J is for jump into it or joy of learning or jamming or just in time
K is for know when to ask for help or knocking down doors 2 perception or knowledge
L is for lifelong learning or listening
M is for managing expectations or microblog or managing identity or memorable
O is for options or objectives
P is for play or prepared
Q is for question or quality
U is for understanding or usual or unusual arguments
V is for variety or victories (celebrating them)
W is for web 2.x or wisdom
X is for eXperiment or X-Lib 2.0
Y is for you or yes!
Z is for zest or zeal

if you have an opinion about a letter or  this whole little thing, just comment away
or just say..”wow this is so cool..” they are all great,
or anything in between would work.

Just let us know.