The Training Alphabet

Here is the working list of the Training Alphabet. Feel free to suggest something. This was inspired by Beth T, started by Maurice and contributed to on FriendFeed by Andrew, Bobbi, Greg, Jaye (who doesn’t have an active blog..yet) Laura, Linda (no blog yet,) Martha, and Stephanie.

A is for attitude or aptitude or ability or adult learner or audience
B is for balance or beginning
C is for community or connected or comprehension or connecting or communication style
D is for devices or digital
E is for entertaining or experiment or engaging
F is for follow-up
G is for goals
H is for helping hand
I so for innovation
J is for jump into it or joy of learning or jamming or just in time
K is for know when to ask for help or knocking down doors 2 perception or knowledge
L is for lifelong learning or listening
M is for managing expectations or microblog or managing identity or memorable
N is for NO trainee left behind
O is for options or objectives
P is for play or prepared
Q is for question or quality
R is for relevant
S is for solutions
T is for training
U is for understanding or usual or unusual arguments
V is for variety or victories (celebrating them)
W is for web 2.x or wisdom
X is for eXperiment or X-Lib 2.0
Y is for you
Z is for zest or zeal

Feel free to suggest here or on FF

Tshirts will be forthcoming.

Hey, I have to fund raise a domain somehow.<g>

Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

7 thoughts on “The Training Alphabet”

  1. Beth…If you add some add the ones from the friendfeed question too. If there is more than one just add them both..

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