T is for Training 120 – Congress with a 2 Drink Minimum

The 120th @tisfortraining recorded on Friday.   Download the podcast here.

We talked with Kate Kostursk and Andrea Snyder about conference behaviors and things we want everyone to know about conferences.   (However that list is in another place than I am this point.)

But I tell you what, it was a brilliant list.

T is for Training 119: Keynotes: Why so Pale and Male?

Episode 119 (60 minutes) is a conversation between Maurice Coleman, Marianne Lenox and Jill Hurst-Wahl. By the way, those long silences aren’t a technical glitch, unless you want to call Maurice’s kitchen plumbing issue a tech problem!  The episode begins with Maurice asking Jill about being on the Board of Directors for SLA and then moves into a lively discussion about keynote speakers, and our belief that it is important to have more speakers who are female and people of color.

Some of the sites and people mentioned: