T is for Training 158: These People Are Dead, Let’s Move On

Today’s topic was careers of teaching/training in librarianship. How does someone get started as a Staff Development or Trainer, whether directly after library school or as a mid-career move.  On the call were Maurice Coleman, Kate Kosturski, Patti Poe, Laura Botts, and Paul Signorelli.

A resource mentioned was “Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.”

The show can be listened to here.

T is for Training 157: Fail Away

On the call were Maurice Coleman, Andrea Snyder, and Jill Hurst-Wahl.  We began with this quote:

One challenge with learning—and where most get stuck—is the emotional challenge that results from being confronted with not knowing. Being wrong is typically more comfortable than uncertainty, which is why we have to learn to let go. In whitewater kayaking that may mean literally dropping into something scary in an entirely new way—and remaining open to that experience. With the proper mindset, curiosity is more powerful and certainly more useful than fear. – From “Winning When It Counts“, Spirituality & Health

Topics included:

  • Emotional challenge and learning
  • Learning those auxiliary lessons and not just the topic being taught
  • Failure and learning
  • Teaching through failure
  • And random other topics like the John Green video “Places I’ve Never Been.”

You can listen to the episode here.

Addendum: Andrea found this after we were done recording: A Quick Note On Getting Better At Difficult Things