No show today October 7th, next show October 21st 2011

I am skipping this week’s installment of T is for Training in order to catch up with my life, a wedding, some out of town visitors and other such business.

We will be back with another live taping on October 21st at 2 pm eastern time.

You can always contact the show via email at baldgeekinmd at gmail dot com

Till then see you on the internets.  I will post the last show sometime next week, so you can get a fix of t is for training.


Author: (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland

One thought on “No show today October 7th, next show October 21st 2011”

  1. Just listening to episode #83. I feel so out of the loop because I haven’t been able to participate in TIFT session in months. Good to hear familiar voices.

    BTW Polly Farrington and I are scheduled to create digital literacy training for library patrons. (I’m skipping lots of detail here.) Hope to talk to all about this at some point. However, if you decide to discuss the topic on a Friday without us, we’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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