@TisForTraining 293 When beautiful theory meets bloody facts

Tonight Maurice, Paul, Tom and Jill were joined by James Richardson. Richardson is a Sacramento-based writer, farmhand, Episcopal priest, and a former newspaper colleague of Paul’s at The UCLA Daily Bruin. His story about how he moved from full-time work as a journalist to being a minister by learning to move “from no to yes.” Richardson has continued to write, including a book on Willie Brown and has a second book coming out next year (The Abolitionist’s Journal: The Memories of an Anti-Slavery Family is the working title). We talked about going from no to yes in training, other aspects of our lives, and in institutions. Why are people resistant to change? What in their immunity system is stopping them?

BTW this episode connects well with our conversation with Sardek Love (episode 283).

Best quote: The is nothing so tragic as when a beautiful theory meets a bloody fact.

Richardson and crewListen to this episode on Talkshoe or wherever you get your podcasts.


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