@TisForTraining 294: A T is For Training Black Swan Event

On this show, Ruben Puentedura, Founder/President of Hippasus (hippasus.com) and innovator in residence at ShapingEDU, joined Tom Haymes, Paul Signorelli, Jill Hurst-Wahl, and Maurice Coleman. Ruben started by talking about black swan events, which is something he has been focusing on for ShapingEDU in terms of education and training. Black swan events are unforeseen and catastrophic, yet they make sense in hindsight. How does that event lead to new ideas? (See the SAMR model below) Black swan events are definitely stress tests!

We delved into different areas related to antifragility and black swan events. We also talked about the difference between sustainability and antifragility. According to Ruben, “Sustainability refers more to day-to-day challenges; anti fragility refers more to Black Swan-type situations.” Sustainability needs to be in place for antifragility to occur.

We ended the show talking about gamifying learning and setting up a system that is antifragile from the viewpoint of the student.

The notes above do not do this episode justice. We went deep!  And given the topic, we think many institutions should listen to this episode…so…pass it on to your colleagues!


BTW T is for Training celebrated its 13th anniversary today and is now a teenager!


The SAMR Model


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