T is for Training 36.1 – Interview with Robin Hastings of MRRL

This interview with Robin Hastings (aka Webgoddess) of MRRL is the first in a series of interviews being conducted during the “2009-2010 winter break” for T is for Training.

Download the interview here:  Robin Hastings T is for Training Interview.

Or go to the T is for Training Show page and have a listen to this great interview.

Links to many things discussed during the interview are posted in both delicious and diigo.

Her brief bio:

Robin Hastings is the Information Tech Coordinator for the Missouri River Regional Library. She is responsible for the physical networking, web sites and social networks for the library as well as, of course, those “other duties as assigned”. She’s presented at conferences all over the world about the library’s Library Learning 2.0 program as well as about using social networks to collaborate. She’ll be in Texas twice this spring to discuss social networks in government and to lead a workshop on creating useful mashups using social networks at the Texas Library Association meeting. Robin has authored an ALA Tech Report on Collaboration 2.0 and has a book coming out in March on using Twitter, FriendFeed and Tumblr in libraries.

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