@TisForTraining 330: Lifelong Learning Brought to Life

Feb. 23 crewOn this episode, joining Maurice Coleman, Jill Hurst-Wahl, and Paul Signorelli were Alec Couros, Susan Spellman Cann, Daniel Bassill, and Erin Luong for the topic of how do you create a sustainable learning community.

10 years ago, five of our participants (including Paul) participated in a massive open online course (MOOC) created by Alec on educational technology (#etmooc). Alec began with telling us how his MOOC was born and a definition of the different types of MOOCs.

Before #etmooc, Erin did her thesis on how to build communities online. which she finished in 2005-2006, 7 years before #etmooc. Her work helped #etmooc create connections between participants and build community. The #etmooc community has annual reunions. Daniel noted that  CLMOOC (which was born out of #etmooc), also has maintained an ongoing community. [CLMOOC is Connected Learning MOOC.]

How do they (or can we) create and maintain community?

      • Learn together.
      • Volunteer activities (raising money for scholarships).
      • Use social media as a way of continuing the conversation outside of the MOOC platform.
      • Work together on projects (textbook, research papers).
      • Connect with people with people from other parts of the world and then seek collaboration.
      • Bring the personal into the community. In other words, don’t leave your personal self on the sideline. Bring your offline self online.
      • Model digital citizenship.
      • Get to know the other participants (the co-conspirators).
      • Provide a structure on which to build the activities, and then use the structure.
      • Community will grow over time if people interact with each other.

Important to have the right people together at the right time for the right reasons.

BTW #etmooc had 12,000 participants, with a smaller number being truly active participants.  No matter how much those people participated, those 12,000 have spread information and created a ripple effect.

BTW they are thinking about doing a new smaller MOOC, perhaps on ChatGPT. And they bounced other ideas off of each other.

You can listen to this episode on TalkShoe, Apple Podcasts, and other places.





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