Upcoming Episodes (Jan./Feb. 2022)

The next three episodes of T is for Training continue our practice of featuring an interesting mixture of guests and topics designed to inspire positive action among our colleagues in training-teaching-learning.

Howard Prager, a cherished colleague from ATD (the Association for Talent Development) will be with us this evening (Episode 303) to discuss his book Make Someone’s Day: Becoming a Memorable Leader in Work and Life and how it applies to our training-teaching-learning environments. Howard, as he notes on his own website, “is President of Advance Learning Group, an author, speaker, executive coach and leadership consultant who strengthens people and organizations through insightful talks, workshops, leadership and management programs.” Additional information about Howard and that engaging book is on my own website.

Maurice Coleman

We’ll be turning everything on its head here at T for Episode 304 (Thursday, February 10, 2022) when we put show host Maurice Coleman at the center of a conversation about trainer-teacher-learners as lifelong learners to celebrate Maurice’s achievement in having recently returned to school to earn a B.A.

Casey Davis, author of Digital Civics and Citizenship: An Applied Approach, joins us for Episode 305 (February 24, 2022) to discuss the themes in his book and how they apply to our own work in training environments across the U.S. Casey is an educator with more than 20 years of experience working with diverse learners in a variety of settings and is among the colleagues I’ve met through the ShapingEDU community, under the auspices of Arizona State University.

All three hour-long episodes will be recorded, as usual, at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on the dates listed in this preview. Archived recordings will be posted here on the T is for Training blog.

–Paul Signorelli

Author: paulsignorelli

I'm Paul Signorelli, a San Francisco-based writer/digital journalist, trainer, presenter, and consultant. I explore, use, write about, and help others become familiar with Web 2.0 technology to creatively facilitate positive change within organizations; develop/manage workplace learning and performance (staff training) programs and provide instructional design support; assist in organization development (strategic planning, information management, content strategy, critical thinking in decision-making, marketing/public relations); and help clients improve face to face and online presentation skills. My career includes: •Working with Blue Shield of California's Health Reform Program Instructional Design Team in training staff as they implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. •Helping Sutter VNA & Hospice nurses, social workers, chaplains, and others learn to use smartphones for medical record-keeping purposes. •Expanding and managing a successful workplace learning and performance (training) program for the 850 employees in the multi-facility San Francisco Public Library system. •Helping shape and edit an online consumer health toolkit (http://www.library.ca.gov/lds/docs/HealthToolkit.pdf). •Developing and managing mentoring programs in a variety of settings. •Creating and developing effective volunteer programs. •Serving as executive director of a nonprofit organization. •More than 20 years of experience working with nonprofit and government agencies to build sustainable collaborations between agencies and their customers. •More than 30 years of writing and editing for publication. I served as President of the Board (2010) with the Mt. Diablo Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and work on a variety of national ASTD activities as a member of the National Advisors for Chapters (January 2011 - December 20113). I'm also active with the American Library Association, where I am serving my second two-year term on the American Libraries Advisory Committee (2011 - 2013), and the New Media Consortium, where I'm on the 2011 Horizon Report Advisory Board. You’ll find more information, including writing samples and training resources, on my website at http://paulsignorelli.com.

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