@TisForTraining 327: Columbo-ization of Training

San Francisco New Year's Eve Fireworks 2013On this episode, Paul Signorelli, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Tom Haymes, and Maurice started 2023 by sharing what one thing we changed in our teaching-training techniques in 2022. We talked about:

    • Consciously making a training personal for those attending, so they are there for themself.
    • Less images on PowerPoint (a constant struggle)
    • Collective map making (Mapmaking as Sensemaking)
    • Checklist (questionnaire) for making arrangements for training sessions
    • Check-in with the client closer to the training date to ensure that the training scheduled is still what they need. Why? Because needs can change.
    • Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering. (paid link)
    • Start the training session with a story.
    • In terms of storytelling, Tom shared this website he created to honor his father
What do we hope to change or try in 2023?
    • Help people be honest in evaluating your own situation
    • Help people ask for help better
    • Include storytelling in learning
    • Creating an on-site writing course
    • Make mapmaking an entire course
      • Tom will be using Miro so students can create their own maps as they go through his course.
    • Updating copyright course and incorporate new ways of teaching the information

You can listen to the entire episode on TalkShoe and in other places where podcasts are served.


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